Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy birthday batman

Our little superhero is 4 today. He wanted puffy pancake for breakfast, complete with four candles to blow out. They kept melting in the hot pancake though, so we stuck them in a hamburger bun where they stayed in place beautifully.
And then after church we went up to grandma and pa-pa's where Luke got a cake in the shape of an L. I think 80% of the frosting got eaten and 10% of the cake.
That frosting with the dots is rather tasty though. I was giving some to Ava, but then there was some still left on my finger. Really. Look at the excitement on that little face as he sees the four-pack of superheroes. I love being the mom to these little kids, they make everything so exciting and fun.
and here is batman in his cape, mask, utility belt and bat-arang enseble. Looking good batman, here's to another year. We love you!

moneydooz and skateboarding

Ally got to go to Monkeydooz for a friend's birthday, a hair salon fir little girls. They did her hair and nails. she loved the hairdo, and slept in it for two nights until it was super fuzzy and we had to take it out.
Look at this little teenage wannabe and her posing. and look at my sad daffodils that I bought from Costco, I just don;t think they are going to make it. But isn't ally's hair cute?

and Luke' new love besides superheroes is skateboarding. His pinata for his birthday is a skateboard even though it is a superhero theme (he just can't pick between batman and incredible hulk. too hard, they are both so cool) so here he is trying out a few tricks.

However, this new hobby has not been healthy for our wood floors.
Look at that caveman go!