Thursday, February 26, 2009

painting day

I had a poster to paing for our church primary activity, and Ava came down in the middle of it and decided to get in on the fun. she is real proud of her painting shirt

this picture is for curly grandma, she is saying hi.

It's kindof nice the day when Luke has his playgroup and Ally is in school, so Ava and I can just hang out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

little angels

Ava was hanging out with Ally, and then I went up to check, and here they were, all worn out and fast asleep. What little angels.

random stuff

Well, it seems like December and January have been so full of so much stuff, some good, some bad, almost all causing major change in our lives, that I haven't been too good about updating this. Plus facebook seems to take a larger amount of time that it probably should. So I am resolved to do better. Happy Valentines Day!!! Josh and I traded babysitting with some friends this year, so we went out Friday so they could go out tonight. We went to a hawaiin restaurant here in Boise, with a buffet and live hula dancing. It was interesting and fun. so today for V day, Josh went snowboarding, and when he got home I made a trip to the gym to work out alongside the couple of people who didn;t have other plans. The kids had fun with their friends and we made Valentines cookies. So it was a good day, and kindof nice not to go out on a busy Saturday night. We have been busy with Josh's new company, which seems to be all squared away as of this weekend, so Boise Legal, here we come. Let's hope it's a good change.

So enough ramblings about us. Does every singel two year-old girl have to wear fancy dresses over their clothes? We are two for two. I see other moms with thier little ones dressed the same way out around town, we just smile a knowing smile. I'm sure some of you know what I am talking about.
We took Ally and Luke skiing. Josh was VERY patient, and they both loved it. Luke has even been back one more time (he's free) but they were very good and had a lot of fun. I pulled Ava around on the sled and we hung out and watched in the lodge.

Here in Boise, we get a lot of what is called an inversion. See the clouds? We live under them. It seems about half the winter, we are living in a cloud. and it's cold. then we go to the mountains, and it is warm and sunny. Crazy.

So here are the kids yesterday with some friends enjoying thier school Valentines spoils. they planned out their own little party, I opened Ally's room door and here they all were, sucking down the pixie sticks.