Sunday, January 13, 2008

another tooth out, another hermit crab

Ally lost her second tooth, this time a legitimate one from the bottom, not the top deadened one. We are going to the dentist tomorrow to see about the snaggle tooth that has slid over on the top, porbably to have it taken out, just don't tell her that. Too scary!

Ally was really nervous about this tooth, so to help her, Josh told her that she could buy another hermit crab with the money from the tooth fairy.
So the very next morning we headed out to the pet store with some of Luke's buddies and picked out "superman", the next addition to our growing family of pets.
Here he is in his container to take home. And it looks like Luke has found some kind of treasure as well.
What will happen with the next tooth? Stay tuned, there are still three wiggly ones.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was really special with Barbies dressed up like the Nativity. I think GI Joe was Joseph. Gail was so creative to make this, and it was so fun for Ally and her to work on it together.

And finally-Christmas morning. ally's favorite present from Santa was three hermit crabs (all still living two weeks later...) and even though it was cold out, they could not resist riding their motorcycle. Or maybe that was Josh.

Look at that proud dad. Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) to say, the motorcycle turned out to be a little too hard to handle for the kids, so it was traded in for a four wheeler, which has provided much joy pulling the kids on sleds through the snow. ally is pretty good at it, if we could just get the steering down. All in all, we had a great, fun, busy, tasty, whirlwind of a Christmas and New Year, and loved it all, especially being with so many friends and family. We truly are thankful for each of you, and for the birth of Jesus Christ. Here's to another great year!
On Christmas Eve Day, we went up to Grandma nd Grandpa Wester's for a delicious breakfast and to open presents with his family.

Ava loves her little cousin baby Kira "Ka-ka" She is such a doll.

Ava and Luke like to help everyone open thier presents, the unwrapping is really the best part...

The kids had such a fun time and got so many fun and thoughtful toys from relatives close and far away. Thanks to everyone from North Carolina who really helped the kids have a fun day.

And just look at the muscles on this spiderman. This is totally not just for Halloween. Around our house we need superheroes everyday. to save the day.

Thanks Westers for such a fun time and letting us hang out at your house so much over the holidays, we loved it.

The Campbell Family

We were lucky to have so much family with us this Christmas. My mom and dad and sister came to celebrate Christmas, and it was so fun for us and the kids. Here my dad is helping the kids make snowmen out of pretzels dipped in white chocolate. Cute and tasty.

My mom makes the best caramels. she does not always cook with her eyes closed however.

I t was the first real snowy night, so dad was a great "horse" for the sleigh. He was way faster than me-which helped Luke to be a "speeding bullet".

And we even made a snowman with a celery nose.

Thanks to the Campbell family for coming so far to help us have a fun fun Christmas this year. We love you.