Sunday, June 12, 2011

just ava

Since I didn't have any pictures of Ava in the post I just did, I thought I better put one in. Here we are at the park near our house today. This toy makes me sooooo dizzy.Hi Curly.
So for years, Josh has gone to the girls ballet recitals, the kids school programs, soccer even, but I have never seen this smile on his face for any of them. Here they start tackle football at age 7, so now that Luke is....he is signed up. They start practice in August, but Josh took him in to get geared up on Saturday. It takes Luke a long time to get dressed in all this stuff. Hopefully we get it down by August, because he has to wear it five days a week.

He looks so tough, yet small under all that stuff. Hope he doesn't cry when he actually gets hit.Friday was a half day, so I took Ally and Luke and a buddy each to the zoo. Ava stayed with a friend. They loved the peacock.
the zoo right now has a pretty cool dinosaur exhibit with dinosaurs that move and make sounds. This is the T-Rex, but as you come in the front, there are two dinosaurs that move their heads and spray water out of their mouths about every 3 minutes. the kids got soaked, but loved it. We had the zoo almost to ourselves, which was nice, I guess not everyone had a half day.