Monday, July 28, 2008

more of summer

Oh where has the summer gone? We have done a lot of fun things this summer, and sadly, have taken pictures of almost none of them. The kids have taken a couple of swim lesson sessions, and Ally and Luke are great swimmers now. We have been boating a lot at Black Canyon, playing with friends friends and more friends, and staying busy between the park and pet watching and camps to learn to cheer and cook and do crafts. And then of course lots of practicing this at home. Oh, and ice cream, snow cones, popsicles, if it is tasty and cold, we have eaten it this summer. Our bedtimes have also really relaxed, which is kindof nice when all the kids sleep in. We love Idaho summers with the warm weather and it doesn;t get dark until well after 10. Here is Ally at her cheer camp, the one in the pink shirt. She loved it. she is a little cheerleader in her heart.
Our stake asked everyone to turn off the TV and movies and video games for a month. So we have been spending a lot of time on bike rides and reading stories and walks and playing games with each other. It has actually been really great. We have one week left to go, but really do not miss having the TV on. We had gotten to where it was just in the background most of the day some days. We have not been perfect, but a couple of times our sanity was worth a half hour of Blue's clues. Just to stop the crying.
We went downtown to the Twilight Criterium, like we do almost every year, can you see the bikers int he background? They are there, just going so fast that you can hardly tell. Just a blur. We scored big at the free Power bar booth, the kids were really excited until they tasted them. Not so good as they look. We will add them to our food storage I guess. the kids favorite thing was the free little clicker they give you to cheer on the bikers.
And my kids have managed to adopt another dog, at least for the week. We love babysitting dogs. We get enjoyment, and then we send them home when we have had enough. One thing I have learned about dogs though, the bigger the dog, the bigger the poo. And this last dog was pretty bid. Can you tell which one is the real dog? Luke made a bed on the floor of Ally's room so he could sleep with the dog, Aubrey was her name.
and what is summer without enjoying an ice cream sandwich at a slip n slide party? Ava liked the ice cream way more than the slip n slide.