Saturday, November 1, 2008

the treats

And here is what all that hard work was all about. The haul-
Now we get to eat it all-right?

Making some important trades of the treats.

Ava shares the wealth

Now put the kids to bed so Josh and I can pick out our faves from the pile. Only one bit-O-Honey this year, I was sad.

trick or treating

Here we are getting ready to go out on Halloween. somehow my pictures got put in here backwards, so this one was supposed to be last, but here are me an Ava getting ready to go into the haunted house (which we determined ten minutes later, was a mistake-that cute smile was gone) So our neighbors do a really elaborate haunted house every year, which people come to from far and wide. Last year it was really fun. This year it was really scary. Ally and her friends and Luke and Ava all came out with tear stained faces.
Here is Ally, calming down.

And Luke with Pa-pa, still feeling scared. He would not go to any doors to trick or treat that were even remotely scary or had sounds. Even for candy.

Here we were right before the haunted house. I think all of the girls cried. At least the ones that went through.

and here are my little candy lovers ready to go and get some.


This was the Halloween for parties. We were worn out before the trick-or-treating even started. but a good worn out. Here is Luke and his friend Ryan having pizza before heading out to hit the streets. (Luke is the Ninja. He started out as a ghost with a sheet over his head, but it got kindof in the way of him and getting to the candy.)

Okay, my friend went to so much work making holiday goodies for her daughters birthday party earlier that day, that I just had to include some of her hard work. Rice Krispy fingers, cheese fingers with red pepper nails, deviled egg ghosts, witch hats, and Oreo spiders. This is not even all, there wer hot dog worms, spider ice cubes, caramel apples, caramel popcorn, sugar cookies to decorate, and a pumkin cupcake cake. It took her two days to make and about twenty minutes to eat.

The kids had friends over the night before Halloween to hang out and have fun.

Here we are decorating sugar cookies at the birthday party. I don;t even think any of these kids are mine, sorry.

And Ally's class party. Ally is the third one from the left in a bat shirt and blue jeans.