Wednesday, October 22, 2008

two unrelated items on the same post

Well, this week I had an awesome find at the neighborhood garage sale, 3 scooters, one for $3, one for $2 and one for $.50. We had been wanting to get Luke one anyways, since both he and Ally are not proficient on the bikes, and kindof refuse to try. The were a big hit. It turns out the one for 50 cents handlebars won't come up and it does not turn very well, (you get what you pay for) but it is the perfect size for Ava. The kids have spent the last few days scooting all over the cul de sac. They of course had to show grandpa when he came this weekend. I think grandpa might have strained a few back muscles while taking Ava around. But she loved it, and it saved my back for a little while.

And of course Luke's buddies wanted to scoot when they came over on Monday. And so far no really bad crashes (knock on wood)

So Luke wants to be a ghost for Halloween. Today I have been trying to figure out how to make a ghost that will not frustrate the guy by falling off, or the eye holes moving. I will enlist the help of grandma this weekend. But Luke's friends wanted to help out, so they walked around making ghost sounds. They look pretty good, don;t they? Luke is the one on the far right. And here they are, the men (and ladies) behind the masks. Oh, by the way, we are pretty excited for Halloween around here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

the party

Well, because Josh was not here to tell me how to reset the flash on the birthday pictures, some of these are a little blurry, but Ally had a super fun party on Saturday, after a not super fun time of cleaning and baking. But she and her friends had a great time, and now I can rest easy that another birthday week (ours always seem to last that long) is over and was a success! The girls decorated their own trick-or treat boxes, then we headed upstairs, where they would trick-or-treat at each door, and behind each one was a game or craft, with treat.
Ally and Ava enjoying some tasty ghost cupcakes and ice cream.
Fuzzy again, but here is the group of girls.

And the big hit of the night-glow sticks from the dollar section at Target. I love you glow sticks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ally

My baby girl turned 7 today (sob). the festivities started last week with the newest addition to grandma and pa-pa's growing petting zoo. This is Hannah Montana Wester, the dog, which because a memeber of the family once papa was foolish enough to bring over the neighbors pup that they were giving away, and ask the kids if they should keep it. Now ally feels like she has a dog (a lifelong ambition of hers) and it lives at grandma and papa's under their care. A gift for all of us. (My Ally is the brown-haired one in case some of you don;t know)
Speaking of hair, this is Ally;s new grownup haircut she got today for her birthday. It is an A cut she calls it. Here are a couple of more views of it, my friend Jaime did it, and it turned out darling. She looks so big. Ally spent the majority of today on the phone, thank you to all family and friends that thought of her and called her up, she recieved so many gifts and phonoe calls today, it made her feel so popular. These shots are only a week older than the one above with the pup. Doesn't she look grown up already?
Here's all the cute stuff in the back of the 'do.
Grandma Gail is so thoughtful and sweet, and took Ally shopping for a new outfit to wear to school on her birthday. I didn;t know how to turn this picture upright, but here she is head to toe in Hannah Montana wear-shoes, pants, shirt, sweatshirt, hat and purse. She even got new underoos, (not Hannah Montana however). She felt so special today at school. We went in to her class and sang to her and handed out gift bags.
And the fun never ends, Ally is having freinds over all day tomorrow, and a party with 11 of her firends on Saturday night (Hannah Montana themed-see a pattern here anywhere?) So My saturday will be spent with 12 girls doing crafts, dancing, dressing up and watching Hannah Montana Videos. I can't wait. Or maybe I can. Thanks again to all of you who remembered Ally and made her day so special. And steele and Trisha, please figure out soon how to freeze time, this can;t keep happening. Way too fast.