Sunday, May 1, 2011

back to blogville

Whew, so it has been at least a year since I posted last, and it took me forever to figure out how to get back on here. I thought the blog was lost forever, but (as you can see) I figured it out, so we are up and rolling. I will be better at doing this more often. I will. No eye rolling out there. I am back on it. So, sorry for the random pictures, I was more curious to see if I could even remember how this all worked. Why oh why is it my destiny to be so dumb about computers? My kids spin one-handed computer cartwheels around me, even Ava who is four can get on here, find some cartoon fancy ladies to dress up and have them eating dinner with their cartoon boyfriends with nails all painted and hair all done. All while getting the Wii to play Netflix movies and like or not like her favorite songs on Pandora. I am actually kindof worried about this generation. But that is for another day, because I am back on. Wahoo.So can you tell who this potato is supposed to be? White glove? Microphone? Doing the moonwalk? That's right, it's a potato (this was a St patricks day school project for Luke's 1st grade class) dressed up as Micheal Jackson as a california raisin. This is because Luke is obsessed with all things Micheal Jackson. Its a whole new Pepsi Generation.
So since this time last year, we have moved from Eagle to Mill Creek WA, about 20 miles N of Seattle. We were sad to leave, but happily report that rain (and rain and more rain) aside, we love it here. My kids have adjusted very nicely, here is Ally at Red Robin with her 3 new best friends, after shopping at the mall all night. We still miss Eagle, but are glad we are in such a nice place with so many nice people.
When we do go home to Eagle to visit, Grandma and Papa spoil these kids. During spring break, they took them to do a little chicken shopping. They ended up getting 2 new chickens each (6 chickens total) who got their little chicken feathers nearly patted off during that week. They all happily made it through though, and my little farm-babies-in-their-hearts are excited to go back to collect eggs in the summer. Thanks Grandma and Papa.