Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, what a summer the Wester family had this year. boating, camping, backpacking, how to squeeze it all in, I guess I will at least post the highlight of our summer, a three week trip to Nauvoo to visit the folks. I flew across the country with the three kidlets, whilst Josh stayed home. That part was not the highlight. The kids had a blast working at curly grandma's custard store, riding papa's horse drawn carriage, and visiting with their cousins. Nauvoo has church history galore which the kids soaked up. We came back spoiled from the grandparents, more knowledgeable about the early beginnings of the church, and a little stouter around the waistline from a daily dose of custard. Oh but it was so smooth.
There is a little variety show put on by the senior missionaries and the young performing missionaries called Sunset by the Mississippee. My kids thought it was the funniest thing and we watched it nightly. Had most of it memorized by the end, the kids could sing all the songs and recite most of the little jokey plays. Here's curly and Ava watching intently. After this we always ran over to play the pioneer games that go on before the pageant every night. The kids had a ball.
Dad hooked up Leo to the carriage and took us for a ride. The kids laughed and lauged at how Leo would run whenever he got in the grass.
Ally at the reigns

And here we are at Carthage jail, such a powerful place. The kids loved it too. It was funny, they show you a little video before they take you through the jail, and it tells about Joseph Smith. Luke knew this was where he was shot, so he leaned over to me during the video and said "mom, when we go up there, are they going to shoot us too?" no.

Now we are into back to school, pictures will come later skater.