Wednesday, March 14, 2012

catching up

Mercy, why is it so hard for me to put stuff on here? I need to document these funny, smart, energetic, full of life kids that I get to hang out with every day. I forget so much of what happens, we have had quite the year since I last put stuff on. The kids are so fun right now. All about their buddies, but still young enough to love to hang out with Josh and I too. Here is a little travel-log of what the last year has brought us;

Ava started kindy. Afternoon. We love it. Playgroups in the a.m. she has the sweetest little group of friends in her class.
Luke is in 2nd grade. Played a mean season of football. And basketball. Football was quite the time commitment, but dang those boys are cute out there in all their shoulder pads and gear.
Ally turned 10, we had a girls trip to NY and saw Wicked. It was awesome. My mom and all my sisters were there. fun fun
Josh has a new love, it is remote control airplanes. Less pricey than real airplanes, less dangerous than motorcycles. I'm okay with that.
I am Primary President. Love it. Also having a new baby in June. Feel old.
What else, every day is jam-packed with activities, school and church stuff, friends, and work.
I missed Christmas in Boise because of pregnancy complications. My mom was so sweet and came here to tend me while the family went to Boise.
Ally was a great little cheerleader.
We went to the ocean
Moving to CO soon
Kids are all in gymnastics and love it. Ava spends half her life cartwheeling around the house.
Will be better.