Sunday, May 17, 2009


The girls were looking a little scraggly (Luke's hair is just growing back from a sahve, so he is not) so I tok them in for haircuts to my good friend Jayme. This was Ava's first real haircut-which means it was not me snipping away at long looking pieces while destracting her while in the bath. She was a little nervous, but had a good time and loved to show off her hair cut to dad and her friends later.

She is afraid of the blow dryer at home, but sat very still for this one. she still did not like it one bit though.

Ally loved her new do too, she got a lot taken off. We do it curly most days though, its was easier, and cuter too, I think.

I went and got mine cut short a couple of days later. So all the girls have new hairdo's for the summer. I didn't get the dog cape, or any pictures taken of me though. I did sit still.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We had quite a few fun Easter festivities this year. lots of eggs and treats. The highlight though, is always the egg hunt at grandma and pa pa's house. The kids got quarters this year, which came in very handy last week at a garage sale. And Josh and I had little competition for the dollar-filled egg find. Too bad no one else came home for Easter this year. Here's Ava, having a great time. The favorite Easter bunny item was a bubble blowing dog. While the treats lay languishing on the floor and in the baskets. I thin I ended up throwing a lot of the candy away. but we still have the bubble dog.
Luke got tricky bubbles too.

Here are the kids in their cute easter outfits, thanks to grandma and her savvy shopping. Luke also had a cute moroni tie, but did not want to wear it for the pictures, and looked very grouchy in the picture we took after we made him put it on. He loves it, just not while he was trying to enjoy his Easter stuff.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


We have had a lot of visitors lately, and we have loved seeing our family and friends. Ava was more than happy to share her coveted and over-rubbed belly button with Drew and Ashley's littlest... The kids had so much fun with their friends, and got some good exercise doing this until we got smart and hooked the four-wheeler up to the wagon.
My dad came and we loved the key lime pie that he taught us how to make. It is so fun to see him cooking, he makes us a new treat each time he comes.

WE are crushing up graham crackers for the bottom of the pie. And eating some. It turned out Ally had strep throat, and it is amazing that none of the rest of us got it after this.

And my grandma came with my dad. it was so fun to see her, she is one of my very favorite people in the world, and always sucha great example to me. We had some good talks and learned some interesting things about her from her great stories.


Curly grandma came and we got into some serious gardening. Here are some of what she bought. I think we planted peas, pumpkins, strawberries and raspberries so far. Once she left we got lazy and have not yet put in the rest of the crops. We are taking baby steps this year to see how our luck with gardening turns out. Luke and his best buddy Garrett from two houses down were great little helpers, digging and digging in the dirt.

And then they needed to take a break after some hard work. These two little guys are so cute, it is fun for Luke to have a great neighbor finally.